Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence isn’t just an issue for certain communities. This is an issue for anyone who has a brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother or friend. This is a political issue, a police issue, a community issue, and ultimately an issue that is best seen through a holistic lens.

Council Member Williams has long advocated for real, concerted efforts to end gun violence in New York City. As the co-chair of the Council Task Force to Combat Gun Violence, Council Member Williams has worked with his colleagues and partners in the community to help end the pandemic of gun violence. He and his partners have used a multilayered approach, which included a collaborative effort with city agencies, administration and violence interrupters.

Council Member Williams realized conversations on best practices were not occurring between local legislators, who were dealing with the gun violence issues in their cities. So he in turn launched the National Network to Combat Gun Violence, a network of local elected officials — Council members, aldermen, municipal supervisors, selectmen and other local legislative officials — dedicated to ending gun violence in their communities.

The goal of the Network is to provide a forum to:

  • consult with members across the nation on existing best practices and challenges;
  • develop reports elaborating on findings from member cities;
  • hold information-sharing conference calls; and convene annual summits in host cities.

Currently the Network is comprised of more than 50 local elected officials from across the country, and membership grows by the day. We know that innovative, successful strategies to combat gun violence are being pioneered, implemented and replicated at the local level in cities both large and small, and Council Member Williams looks forward to sharing program models that have been effective in New York.

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