We can't just talk about New York State being a progressive leader in our Country, we must address each of the following issues with real, impactful legislative solutions.  As LG I will use my voice to draw attention to the need for progressive legislative solutions, and will work closely with our Legislators in Albany.

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Women’s Reproductive Choice

I believe, unequivocally, that women deserve the freedom to make their own health choices and that all women must have access to safe and legal abortions.  I will prioritize the codification of Roe v Wade in New York State Law, and will work to elect a Democratic-led State Senate that will finally make that happen.


Gun Violence Prevention

I have chaired the NYC Council task force to Combat Gun Violence and founded the National Network to Combat Gun Violence, finding effective solutions and implementing real changes in our communities.  My opponent has received an A rating from the NRA. As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to be a bold voice and leader on gun reform in New York State and Nationally.


Stopping ICE, Protecting Families

I have proudly been arrested while standing up against Donald Trump’s aggressive deportation forces.  We cannot let right wing, racist actions tear apart the families our friends and neighbors. The immigrants who are part of the fabric of our communities must feel safe in their homes and be able to go to their jobs, schools, and government offices without fear.


Equality in Education

We must improve the quality of public education for students across all of NYS with a focus on ending the practice of chronically underfunding public schools that serve people of color and immigrant communities.  As LG I will draw attention to this inequality, advocate for resources, and support our teachers.


Organized Labor

Strong Labor organizations in New York State are crucial in ensuring that all workers, not just their members, have safe working conditions, fair treatment from employers, livable wages, and basic benefits.  I will fight against National or local efforts to diminish a workers’ right to join a union, and a union’s ability to advocate for all workers. I support more vocational and apprenticeship training programs for our youth, particularly in economically disadvantaged communities.

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Criminal Justice Reform

I will do everything in my power to end mass incarceration and the unequal treatment of people of color in our criminal justice system.  Real changes can be made at the State level, including ending cash bail, sentencing reform, providing more mental health services and drug treatment as an alternative to incarceration.


LGBTQ Rights

I believe that we must continue to fight for equality for LGBTQ individuals.  I believe in marriage equality and publicly supported the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in 2015. As Lieutenant Governor, I will use every tool at my disposal to advocate for equal rights for those who identify as part of the LGBT community, and work to make our state a beacon to the rest of the country.

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Legalizing Marijuana

We must expand our medical marijuana program to include all those who can benefit from its use.  We should rapidly move towards the full legalization of marijuana that has been massively successful in other states, expunge the State criminal records of past users, and create a pathway for all New Yorkers to benefit economically from this industry, not just a select few.

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Voting Rights

New York State lags behind much of the nation in our archaic voting laws and we must do everything that we can to protect and expand voting rights.  I support the creation of an early voting period, same-day voter registration, automatic voter registration, and investment in poll worker training.


Environmental Protection

New York State must have a focused and comprehensive approach to fighting climate change.  This should include building green and investing in public transportation in our urban areas, conserving more land across the state, protecting our clean water and public health, and divesting from the fossil fuel industry.


Women’s Equality

I will prioritize legislation and action that promotes safe working environments for women, equal pay for equal work, and equal representation in Elected positions, government, and board rooms.  I will support programs that give women more economic and educational opportunity, and I will advocate for the passage of laws that help prevent domestic and sexual abuse.


Fair and Affordable Housing

As a full time tenant advocate and Chair of the NYC Council Committee on Housing and Buildings, I have fought for tenants’ and homeowners’ rights my entire career.  Across our entire State we must create more affordable housing, protect rent stabilization and the rights of tenants, promote sensible zoning, and make home ownership more accessible and affordable.


Health Care

The health care system in our country is complicated, but our basic values should not be. I believe that every single individual who resides in our country should have access to the health care they need at a cost they can afford.  I will work with our State leaders to resist health care cuts coming out of Washington and ensure that all New Yorkers are provided with affordable, universal, access to the care that they need.