Jumaane is one of the most accomplished legislators on the City Council, having passed 53+ bills into law. Below is a sample of those bills, and evidence of the legislative acumen he will bring to us as Public Advocate. Bills awaiting passage are denoted by “(Pending)”.

Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

Protecting Women’s Rights

  • Passed the BOSS bill, which prohibits employment discrimination and discriminatory harassment, or violence, based on an individual’s reproductive health choices, including the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Cracking Down on Illegal Commuter Vans, especially in South East Queens and Brooklyn:

Maximizing Affordable Housing Opportunities

Protecting Tenants Against Harassment and Lack of Repairs

Protecting Character of our Neighborhoods

Improving Immigrant Rights

Reducing Construction Site Deaths and Injuries

  • Passed the Construction Safety Training Act, aimed at reducing construction site deaths, by requiring at least 40 hours of OSHA (or equivalent) training. Negotiated to provide several million dollars to provide courses through M/WBE course providers and experienced day laborer organizations.  

Protecting the Environment

  • Passed the Catch Basin Clean Up Act, which require the Dept. of Environmental Protection to inspect every catch basin the city at least annually, and to unclog/repair clogged basins within nine days of complaint filing. The law aims to help alleviate flooding, especially in South East Queens and Brooklyn.

  • Passed the Bike to Work Act, which discouraged driving to work. Allows employees to store their bicycles at designates places in the office building, and transport bikes on designated elevators.

  • Passed laws to ensure that New York City’s energy conservation codes are stricter than our state code.

Protecting Consumers

  • Passed the Used Car Fee Transparency Act, which requires used car dealers to post the full selling price of a car, including previously hidden dealer fees, along with the cost of any extras that go with the car.

  • Passed a crackdown on illegal gambling operations, with a law that revokes licenses for arcades or game café’s for engaging in illegal gambling.

  • Introduced the Credit Non-Discrimination Act, which would outlaw the practice of creditors discriminating in the issuance of credit on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any of the protected classes. (Pending)

Supporting Our Veterans

  • Passed the Veteran and Active Duty Anti-Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing (rental or sale), public accommodations, lending, and license issuance, due to actual or perceived military service. For example, no longer can employers fail to accommodate New Yorkers deployed to war, nor can veterans be told that they can’t rent an apartment due to possible PTSD bias.

Protecting Small Businesses:

Improving Transparency in Government: